The Professional Drummer Mike McCraw

All he wanted to do

 was play the drums.  Little did Mike realize what the future had in store for him whether learning from the masters themselves – Zoro, Gregg Bissonette, Ed Soph, Carl Allen, Jim Chapin and Mark Schulmann or drumming for six Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Famers – Bo Diddley,  The Coasters, The Drifters, The Platters, The Marvelettes and Wanda Jackson; or playing for Garth Brooks’ guitarist, Ty England as well as drumming for ground-breaking country rapper Cowboy Troy.

Blessed with a strong thirst for knowledge and a burning desire of the drums as well as a love for music, he exceeded his youthful expectations as his path led on to band leading for national acts at casinos across the southwest United States and beyond.  Hard work and perseverance paid off.  In the studio, Mike has laid the foundation for many regional artists music, reading several forms of musical notation.   Not just a drummer for special occasions, Mike has worked with many acts in the Dallas-Fort Worth market such as Time Machine, Metal Shop and Elvis T Busboy, to name a few.

Given his drive, Mike has also shared his experience with students, both local and worldwide, whether in person or through his DVD and podcast “Being a Time Machine” a tribute to his first drum teacher and his in-depth book, Rock Shop. Not being satisfied, Mike also invented the Domino Retroplate, patenting it and marketing it for use by drummers worldwide.