The Professional Drummer Mike McCraw

The Domino Retroplate™



What is a Retroplate? Simply put it, adapts the Trick throw-off to a variety of snare drums WITHOUT modifying either the drum or the throw-off. It simply mates those two together painlessly and smoothly! I didn’t want to be tied down to what ever archaic throw-off a manufacturer installed on a drum.  I knew I wanted a choice and that’s why I invented the Domino retroplate™. Use the drop down menu to find your model and pricing. PayPal powered for your convenience!

DW Retrokit™

Ludwig Retrokit™

Trick Butt To Ludwig Retrokit™

Pearl SR-015, SR-017 & SR-900 Retrokits™

Pork Pie Retrokits™

Slingerland Zoomatic Retrokit™

Yamaha Retrokit™