The Professional Drummer Mike McCraw

Vic Firth

I started using Vic Firth SD1 Generals at the age of thirteen and I used them for everything from snare drumming to Rock music.  When I was fourteen, I was playing a contest solo, “Drum Corps on Parade” out of the Pratt book in front my judge, Vic Firth, who I didn’t expect to be my judge.  I received the highest rating which one could get, a “1”.  Vic was very nice to me and he had really just started his drum stick manufacturing business.  I would later migrate away from Vic Firth sticks in the future but would come back and use the 8D Jazz model almost exclusively for a very long time and they are still my “go to” stick as I use them daily.  Then I would add some SD4 Combos to my stick bag for lighter playing.  Then a pair of 5B classics seemingly appeared overnight.  Then, my old favorite, the SD1 Generals, reappeared in the stick bag.

Vic revolutionized drum stick manufacturing and set the standard for quality.  They are well balanced and durable.

Vic was also accessible when I had questions regarding a product of mine.

Vic Firth percussion products