The Professional Drummer Mike McCraw

Drum Workshop Collectors series drums

Back in the day, I took a vacation and headed out to Los Angeles with no real plan in mind as to what I was going to do once I arrived.  Upon arriving at night after checking into my hotel room in Pasadena, I took off to take a look around; I was excited to see the city that I had only dreamt of!  I immediately got lost in Chinatown (brilliant, right?) and found Sunset Boulevard.  Once I reached Ocean Way I headed back to Pasadena.  Throughout the week I would venture out and discover LA.  One afternoon, I decided to head to Oxnard to DW. When I arrived, the receptionist told me that they only had a skeleton crew as most of the staff was currently at PASIC.  I told her that it was OK, that I was on vacation from a distant state but it was no big deal.  She jumped up and found someone to show me around the operation. a guy by the name of Steve Smith (no, not that one).  My visit ended up with John Good asking me to wait as he was speaking on the telephone with Jim Keltner.  When he hung up, he was so pleasant and nice to me that, after what I saw was someone so passionate and caring about what he did, I was hooked!

This was very much different that my experience with Tama who basically cussed me out over the telephone as to who I thought I was by calling them, looking for NOS Granstar II drums. years earlier.  Great PR there, Tama!

You will not find anyone who cares more about giving the drummer the best quality and the most options that John Good and Don Lombardi.  I’m not an endorser but there have been times that they went the extra mile to help me out.  No bass drum plays quite like a DW Collectors series and I have played them all.  You can spend more or you can spend less.  DW Collectors series drum have hung together for me in some tough situations for the better part of two decades.

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